Selected and ancient incoming links in chronological order:


The Quantified Self by Gary Wolf: SF Bay Area QS Show&Tell #8
Singularity University: Faculty&Advisors
Genetic Future:Attila Csordas: doing intriguing things with 23andMe data


bbgm & Genome Technology: Blogging a thesis
Guardian Science Blog: How was this paper ever published?
Pharyngula: A baffling failure of peer review
Ars Technica:Rumors suggest Google is set to open scientific data store
Spiegel:Google schenkt Forschern Speicherplatz
Search Engine Land: Project Palimpsest: Google To Host Open-Source Science Data
MacResearch: Google: One Stop Shop for All Your Scientific Data?
Mashable:Google Said To Be Prepping Launch Of Social Science Data Network
Wired: Google to Host Terabytes of Open-Source Science Data
The Economist: How to live forever


Pharyngula: Pie in the sky between your thighs
Wired Science: Bank Your Menstrual Stem Cells via FedEx
Institute for the Future Blog:DIY Biology
Wired: Video Sites Help Scientists Show Instead of Tell
Pharyngula: Peeking inside Nature
Epidemix: The Power of Negative Thinking: Freeing the Dark Data of Science
The Scientist: Vote for your favorite life science blogs
Nascent: Appealing to groups
Genome Technology Online: Lab Meetings, Online
Macrumors: Storing Documents Into Safari’s Bookmarks
Pharyngula:What next: txting it to a chat room?
Nature 447, 347 (May 2007) Paul Smaglik: Creating better lab websites gives potential collaborators and recruiters a clearer window into your world.
Pharyngula: Also, how can you do social networking without beer?
Nature blogs: Nautilus: What a good laboratory home page looks like
Pharyngula: Lab web pages, anyone?
Pharyngula: Scientific information must be free! Now where to put it…
Petrona: A Nature editor speaks (partially)
Scientific American Blog
From Istanbul To Sand Hill Road: The Ultimate Empowerment of The Consumer
Pharyngula: Do-it-yourself biotech
Make: HOW TO – Isolate amniotic stem cells from a placenta, at home
BoingBoing: HOW to isolate stem cells from a placenta at home


The Scientist: Ready for your closeup?
ScienceBlogs: Mysterious lab protocols: Film at 11
Fight Aging!: More Blog Interviews, Answers to the Questions
O’Reilly Radar: The Economist on Life 2.0
Bodyhack: Blogging for a Longer Life
BoingBoing: Life extension researcher Aubrey de Grey interviewed

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