What’s your current science related desktop image?

Desktop background images are important parts of people’s everyday lives in terms of unintended staring time. Usually they are picked up for the eyes (sg spectacular & cool and/or sexy) and hearts (family members), but why not use them for information uptake and learning? So I’d like to ask: What’s your current science related desktop

36 Life extension idea killers: mental practice for the pros!

Today’s meditation is for serious healthy life extension supporters to consider the following 36 – general and sometimes corporate – idea killers concerning our little project: 1. We tried that already 2. We’ve never done anything like that before. 3. Has anyone ever done anything like that before? 4. That never works 5. You’re fired

Life extension people are happy: keep living, please!

I found this picture of Aubrey de Grey with his book Ending Aging on his head at the BIL conference in Quinn Norton‘s Flickr Stream. Quinn Norton is a bodyhacker technophiliac journalist photographer. Robust, healthy lifespan extension can easily be interpreted as an extreme body-, life- and biohack so no wonder that more and more

Working without a personal assistant on the top of the big G…is fun!

I’m on my way to a Friday comprehensive exam from stem cell and mitochondrial biology which gives me no time to immerse into blogging this week. I mostly think of big holes in my knowledge like mitochondria and Ca2+ signalling. That’s why I can only offer soft things like the following quote from a fresh

iPhone as a SciFoone: a perfect tourist device except the battery

On my SciFoo California trip I eventually have had enough time to test my iPhone as a tourist device. The following tasks have been regularly done by my iPhone while walking in San Francisco, Palo Alto, Berkeley and at the Googleplex: – extensive Google Maps usage (Google Maps is the poor man’s GPS as I’ve