Open Lifespan book blog: the philosophy of indefinite healthy living

I started this blog using bits and pieces of my philosophy MA thesis dealing with the philosophical consequences of healthy lifespan extension technologies. And then turned this blog into a mainly scientific and technological exploration dealing mainly with the potential tools enabling healthy lifespan extension. I’m now back in the domain of philosophy and finally figured out a specific angle on this topic and am writing a book about it and organising and publishing it on a specific blog. It is called Open Lifespan and I invite everybody to visit the blog, read, digest and comment and grow into this topic more and be able to think on the topic at a philosophical depth. Here are the particular posts so far in chronological (ie. ascending and reverse WordPress) order:

Life extension is dead, long live the Open Lifespan!

Live every day as if you were ten times older: 10X principle for an Open Life

Reading Mark Johnston: the problem of leftover, future personites and open lifespan

Can you imagine a world without disease but with biological aging? Neither can I

Open or closed lifespan: that is the question, not mortality vs. immortality

Open lifespan needs an open narrative: life as a series

Open lifespan as a coherent life plan enables super-agency

Open Lifespan and knowing our age in Rawls’s Original Position