AgeCurve Limited and Gen P: my business angle on aging and longevity

After 20 something years of living a diverse educational and professional life motivated by healthy lifespan extension and dominated by science and technology I have reached the riskiest and most rewarding phase: launching a business around it and making it real. I have founded a startup, called AgeCurve Limited and we are already offering a product, called Gen P, to a select circle of UK based Private Beta Users. Briefly, Gen P is the first ever personal proteomics kit available to track aging & accumulate health intelligence by providing deep molecular age profiles.

At AgeCurve, we have introduced a brand new angle on Direct-to-User, quantified self, personal omics services by addressing something crucial in the longevity equation: equip individuals with a robust tool measuring not just one or a handful of markers but thousands of molecules quantitatively to assess interventions supposedly meant to delay aging. Currently our main vehicles of delivering this service are mass spectrometry based proteomics, software engineering and different flavours of machine learning. So we do offer a combined data producer, data interpreter service, from A to Z.

The climate around aging research and approaches to extend health- and lifespan has radically changed in the last couple years thanks mostly due to the amount of money pumped into this domain by big business players. So the field is now dominated by big corporate budgets and half-baked ideas about what can and cannot be done.

If you’ve been a reader of this blog in the last 10 years you’ve probably had a first hand experience of my lifespan extension commitment and the accumulated insights behind it.

I invite you to read the AgeCurve blog and subscribe to our newsletter to get to know the details. If you feel more adventurous, send us an email to to participate in our Gen P Private Beta. Expect to be surprised.