Crowdsourcing Google’s new mission statement #newgooglemissionstatement

Larry Page acknowledges in a recent interview that the Google’s mission statement is outdated and became irritatingly narrow:

Even Google’s famously far-reaching mission statement, to “organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”, is not big enough for what he now has in mind. The aim: to use the money that is spouting from its search advertising business to stake out positions in boom industries of the future, from biotech to robotics.

Asked whether this means Google needs a new mission statement, he says: “I think we do, probably.” As to what it should be: “We’re still trying to work that out.”

Page also hints that internally at Google they are trying to come up with a more appropriate – final? – mission statement for the company. So why not try to crowdsource this idea and come up with mission statement candidates? You can use the  #newgooglemissionstatement Twitter hashtag. After all, people outside of Google outnumber the ~55, 000 or so Google employees by a couple of magnitudes. That gives a pretty good chance to actually outsmart these employees with better mission statement candidates than they would be able to come up with by themselves. Upon accepting one such crowdsourced mission statement Page would alleviate the problem of ‘participation’ he mentions

“I think people see the disruption but they don’t really see the positive,” says Page. “They don’t see it as a life-changing kind of thing . . . I think the problem has been people don’t feel they are participating in it.”

Here’s one candidate statement from me:

‘to accelerate the world’s enabling technological possibilities and make them universally accessible’

but surely there must be better ones out there. 😉