Bright cells, big city: Cellular images hit Broadway

Surprise email from Conor McKechnie, GE Healthcare proving the aesthetics of science and the value of blogging:

A while (!) back you posted an inspiring piece linking to Harvard’s BioVisions inner life of the cell – it was 2006…It got me thinking that we could do something similarly inspiring with actual cellular images entered into our annual cellular analysis image competition. It took 2 years to make it happen, but finally:
We have just posted a social media release highlighting the winners’ images being shown on the jumbotron in Times Square, with a short narrated film about the images and what they could mean for medical research, posted on YouTube:

Video interviews with the winners in Times Square on YouTube:

Short listed entries on a public site to inspire and encourage people to share in the beauty of science.

I hope you enjoy the links – and thanks for being the initial spark of inspiration.



6 thoughts on “Bright cells, big city: Cellular images hit Broadway

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