Why the Dyna-Vision G1 Android Telemedicine App can only be used by licensed physicians???

Let us assume that you are a technological early adopter, a maker, a hacker, a geek. Your software/hardware skills and experiences are much better than the bulk of licensed physicians. You also have a G1.

Now imagine a mobile application/gadget-in-a-belt-pouch that is the most advanced telemedicine solution in the market. With this application/gadget you were able to non-invasively monitor vital signs of the people that matter you the most at anytime from anywhere around the world. You were able to quickly recognize life threatening heart and respiratory problems of the people you care about and maybe save their lives.

The problem is that such a product exists according to this press release (via androidguys) but you are not allowed to legally use it (no information on the details of purchase yet) unless you are a registered and licensed physician. The press release does not offer any reasonable (legal?) explanation on why this is the case.

The Dyna‐Vision© G1 Android Telemedicine Application by RS TechMedic B.V (“specialized in creating very easy-to-use user interfaces”) will be officially launched during the CeBIT starting today:

Dyna‐Vision© is a small light weight and portable device, with the dimensions of a PDA. The patient wears this device in a belt pouch. This reliable and sophisticated medical device monitors up‐to 10 clinical parameters through non‐invasive sensors attached to the skin. The measurements include 12‐lead ECG, Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, RR‐times, Respiration, Plethysmogram and Oxygen

Dyna‐Vision© automatically transmits cardiac events and even continuous real‐time ECG recordings to a secured server. Besides using a computer or laptop, physicians can now also monitor a patient’s real‐time vital signs on a G1 Android mobile phone. Physicians can use the application at anytime from anywhere around the world.

The Dyna-Vision G1 Telemedicine Application can only be used by licensed physicians after registration with RS TechMedic B.V.

14 thoughts on “Why the Dyna-Vision G1 Android Telemedicine App can only be used by licensed physicians???

  1. I like to comment on the posting by “attilachordash” who made a reasonable point about the product being available to licensed physicians only. The explanation is that you need two parts to be able to monitor vital signs. The first is the G1 application and the second one is a Dyna-Vision unit which is a medical device. By law, this device can only be purchased by licensed physicians. However, a physician is able to “prescribe” the usage of the device in the case mentioned by the author of the posting so in that way it is available to anyone who is in need of such a device. If this is not the case, than the device can be purchased in the Netherlands where there is no law stating that the device has to be sold to a physician. In this case we are talking about personal use. More information about the technology can be found at http://www.dyna-vision.com.

    R.A. Brest van Kempen
    RS TechMedic BV
    the Netherlands

  2. This device sound may have many uses, and will visit their site to purchase one to test. Should get it quite quick as Im in France, packages seem to arrive their a lot quicker from Holland.

  3. I like what what you said about monitoring vital signs of someone close to you, but what if an average joe was to rectify the situation in the wrong way? Credit can still be given for trying, but shouldn’t that be left up to the physicians that are trained to handle such procedures?

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