How to predict the future via Twitter: Kids’n’Kits or 23andMe’s Holiday Family Pack!

After the first Twitter prediction here is my second one back from September, realized today:


and here we go….Happy Holidays Grandma you’got a 2fold risk for psoriasis but don’t worry too much about the Alcohol Flush Reaction and your caffeine consumption!


Actually I tried to convince Anna and my mom, also other relatives to enter the field of personal genomics and give me 2 mls of spits…so 3 kits would cost me circa 1000 bucks plus 3x$70 Fedex damage (no combined Fedex package for 3 kits?)…and how many dollars do I have? Oh, I think that’s private and hope Anna won’t read this post too.

But who will genotype Santa? And what about the singles? By the way, Christmas, here’s my video for you:

Tip: Genetic Future

Spending the Christmas holidays in Budapest

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