Vadlo, the beta biomedical search engine wants to scale up!

forwarded, nonpersonal mail from Maya Kennard (you might get that email too):

Resource link/Story suggestion for your website:Title: VADLO – Biomedical Search Engine
Description: Vadlo is a search engine for the biology/biomedical scientists, educators, clinicians and reference librarians.
Also check the Daily cartoons!

The idea is that we feed them with searches and links and they will grow big enough to give us more and more relevant searches and links. Magic concept: scalability, check the motivation behind the name choice:

Vadlo: (vud-lo) – Vadlo is a large fig tree characterized by aerial roots that eventually become accessory trunks. This allows it to grow horizontally to amazing proportions.

I find the 5 basic search categories amazing and after a short tinkering it can already throw out interesting sources:
From the about page:

Protocols category will let you search for methods, techniques, assays, procedures, reagent recipes, plasmid maps, etc. Online Tools will cater calculators, servers, prediction tools, sequence alignment and manipulation tools, primer design etc. Seminars are essentially powerpoint files for presentations, lectures and talks. Databases will take you to, well, databases, resources, compilations, lists etc. It is here that you can also search for your favorite genes and proteins. Software category is for bioinformatics experts who are looking for codes, scripts, algorithms, executables, downloadable programs and collaborations. Please realize this is beta, or pre-beta, if you prefer. Vadlo index is expanding everyday and your favorite link/s will be indexed pretty soon.

10 thoughts on “Vadlo, the beta biomedical search engine wants to scale up!

  1. Thanks Attila, for a nice story. You earned a non-non-personal mail from me 🙂

    Among all I have written to, I think you are the first one to catch the implicit meaning of the name choice! However, I should point out that when they really want stories written about vadlo, they will just have a press-release. They probably will scale-up first and then have stories, so that the stories are more positive 🙂 I try to spread the word because they are my friends and I think they have made a very good resource.

    Is that you there with the Google logo? –>

  2. Wow, it seems I am going to need to start searching for search engines. I just came across wolfram alpha – now this, thanks.

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