Vadlo, the beta biomedical search engine wants to scale up!

forwarded, nonpersonal mail from Maya Kennard (you might get that email too):

Resource link/Story suggestion for your website:Title: VADLO – Biomedical Search Engine
Description: Vadlo is a search engine for the biology/biomedical scientists, educators, clinicians and reference librarians.
Also check the Daily cartoons!

The idea is that we feed them with searches and links and they will grow big enough to give us more and more relevant searches and links. Magic concept: scalability, check the motivation behind the name choice:

Vadlo: (vud-lo) – Vadlo is a large fig tree characterized by aerial roots that eventually become accessory trunks. This allows it to grow horizontally to amazing proportions.

I find the 5 basic search categories amazing and after a short tinkering it can already throw out interesting sources:
From the about page:

Protocols category will let you search for methods, techniques, assays, procedures, reagent recipes, plasmid maps, etc. Online Tools Continue reading