2008 Nobel Prizes on Nobelprize.org: Live webcasts, feeds, Twitter, widgets

It’s Nobel time! Hands up: how many of you have checked so far the official website of the Nobel Foundation called Nobelprize.org? And please try to recall how you usually found out who won the particular Nobel prizes in the past years.

This year the first announcement, for the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, will be made on 6 October, that is tomorrow. The folks at Nobelprize.org created a list of cool alerts around the Prize Announcements this year and here’s what my inbox detected out of this:

10 thoughts on “2008 Nobel Prizes on Nobelprize.org: Live webcasts, feeds, Twitter, widgets

  1. Gotta love the internet. You can find exactly what you are looking for when you need it. Thanks for this post, it will really help me with my paper! Now if only I could stop procrastinating….

  2. I have to say that the Nobel prize commity has really religeted themselves to inrelivency. When you pick people who do nothing to earn the prize how could anyone give you any credit any more.
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