Science X2 signals: big pharmas, stem cells, mobile MRI

The Institute for the Future‘s X2 project is all about tracing future trends in science and technology As the steward of the Biomedical Sciences and Biotechnology Group I collect signals in these fields on which some forecasts can be based later on. Here are some issues I found future sensitive enough recently:

GlaxoSmithKline collaborates with the Harvard Stem Cell Institute

Pfizer’s growing and various interests in stem cells

Regaining vision with gene therapy using adeno-associated viruses

Lightweight, open, mobile, cheaper MRI brain scanner prototype working in lab

The ‘stem cell matrix’:classifying stem cell lines based on global gene expression profiles

3 thoughts on “Science X2 signals: big pharmas, stem cells, mobile MRI

  1. It seems there is a surge around adenovirus related technologies lately: safe gene therapy, safe iPS cells….

    BTW: whatever happened to those projects aimed at creating artificial vectors for this kind of tampering?

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