Sci Foo Camp 2008: words and recommendations

SciFoo Camp is over for about 2 weeks now and I hope I’ll have time to write about it later. Here is what happened to me during the check-in process.

5 words or phrases that describe your interests and expertise: robust life extension, bioDIY, mitochondria, stem cells, Coen Brothers

3 people we should invite to Sci Foo next year — and words or phrases that describe them:

John Cumbers Graduate Student, SETI Institute, NASA Ames Research Center – Brown University, synthetic biology

Alex Pang Institute for the Future, research director, future

Csaba Mérő, go player, statistician

SciFoo Camp, 2007: words and recommendations

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  1. This work is being funded by a group of companies, iXsystems, Yahoo!, and Juniper networks. I’m interested to see if this kind of project if feasible in the future where companies can share development costs for specific opensource projects.

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