BioBarCamp: we have room for 55 plus Campers!

BioBarCamp is due in circa 3 weeks and we have now 45 BioBarCampers signed up on the list of attendees and our host the Institute For The Future has the capacity for around 55 more campers, roughly for 100 people in general. We already have a very valuable mix: researchers, biologists (grad, postdoc, PI), coders-engineers-bioinformaticians, biotech entrepreneurs, doctors, science journalists.

Here is the list so far and that’s also a chance for you to decide whether you want to join and meet us there in Palo Alto on the 6th and 7th, August and share, ask and answer, be the donor and receptor of ideas from all around biogeekdom. I am continuously trying to collect some links on the campers on the BioBarCamp FriendFeed Room to make future Campers preconnected.

Eva Amsen (writing, blog 1, blog 2)

Michael Andreg

Siamak “Ash” Ashrafi

Monya Baker (Nature Reports Stem Cells, The Niche) 7th, August (added by ACs)

Alex Bangs (Entelos, bio)

Pedro Beltrao (blog, postdoc@UCSF)

Jason Bobe (blog ,,

Kevin Braithwaite

Martin Brandon

Mackenzie Cowell (, pobol, cis-action)

Attila Csordas

John Cumbers (Brown / NASA Ames)

Aubrey de Grey (Aug 7th only)

John Delacruz

Joel Dudley

Daniel Erlanson (Sunesis Pharmaceuticals)

Adam Glickman (aglick35) InfoMonger of Technology

Nitin Gupta (UCSD webpage, personal web)

Jim Hardy (blog, web site)

Andrew Hessel

Joseph Jackson

Tito Jankowski (Brown iGEM)

Kambiz Kamrani

Wendell Lim (Lim Lab @ UCSF) Added by PB, will confirm closer to August

Alexis Madrigal (Wired Science, home)

Sofia Marshak (Marshak Clinic)

Jamie McQuay (Scimatic Software)

Cameron Neylon

Michael Nielsen (home, blog)

Guido Nunez

Matthew “Oki” O’Connor

Charles Parnot

Chris Patil (blog)

Ward Plunet (blog)

Prasanth Potluri

Heather Root

Kurt Qemish

Jonathan Rothberg (myhomepage)

Deepak Singh(blog)

Hilary Spencer

Peter Tsai

Ricardo Vidal (blog, OWW)

May Wang

Shirley Wu (psb workshop blog)

Andrew Yates (

4 thoughts on “BioBarCamp: we have room for 55 plus Campers!

  1. I’m going to be away during that time, so I regret I will be unable to attend. I’ll be expecting you to fill us all in.

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