Going to LA to end aging for 3 days & maybe more

It is just good to go to a conference where the overwhelming majority of attendees think (and many of them act) that by science & technology we can actually get rid of aging related health problems and develop a robust life extension technology. I sense a lot of freedom here which I sense since the age 15 but now – thanks to Aubrey de Grey – this is all happening in a community (with a diverse chronological age distribution) that is becoming more established and more funded. Whether this is only a freedom to do something or also a freedom from a constraint or from interference… well you are free to decide it dear readers.

The “Understanding Aging: Biomedical and Bioengineering Approaches” conference will be held from June 27-29, 2008 at UCLA organized by Aubrey de Grey, Irina Conboy and Amy Wagers.

The emphasis this time (just check the coorganizers Conboy and Wagers) is on stem cell research and regenerative medicine, which I think is the only coherent engineering concept outside for robust life extension in the form of systemic regenerative medicine while SENS by definition (strategies) is a flexible enough umbrella term to include other coming life extension technologies and concepts under its brand.

In the age of Twitter and FriendFeed the blog genre is just too slow to cover the event, so I use the FriendFeed room for the conference as it seems to be a perfect place of live microblogging the conference, sharing any kind of links, videos, comments, feeds and feedbacks. I hope others will make it too.

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