23andWe follows 23andMe: First generation of Consumer-Enabled Research

Consumer-Enabled Research, the second goal of pioneering personalized genetics company 23andMe, reached its first generation with the launch of 23andWe.

From BusinessWire:

“23andWe marks a new approach to genetics research. By directly involving 23andMe customers in the company’s research projects, the goal is to conduct large-scale studies powered by a web-based community of diverse individuals who are willing to share information (on a confidential basis) about their health and other personal traits.”

video via Deepak

As Esther Dyson’s said on The Spittoon blog, which is the corporate blog of 23andMe: What You Can Do for 23andMe (and Future Generations)

“To learn more, researchers need to collect thousands of genetic profiles – and the health data connected with each of them – to find correlations between the two. That leads to a second goal of 23andMe – to collect a large database of genetic information and then come back to you over time with invitations to provide specific health data and participate in research.”

One of the first targets of 23andWe: the understanding of Parkinson’s disease through a partnership with the Parkinson’s Institute of Sunnyvale, CA.

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  1. This work is being funded by a group of companies, iXsystems, Yahoo!, and Juniper networks. I’m interested to see if this kind of project if feasible in the future where companies can share development costs for specific opensource projects.

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