What’s your current science related desktop image?

Desktop background images are important parts of people’s everyday lives in terms of unintended staring time. Usually they are picked up for the eyes (sg spectacular & cool and/or sexy) and hearts (family members), but why not use them for information uptake and learning? So I’d like to ask: What’s your current science related desktop image, if there’s any and how can you utilize it? Here is my current desktop image with the source;

Bonnet et al.:
A Mitochondria-K+ Channel Axis Is Suppressed in Cancer and Its Normalization Promotes Apoptosis and Inhibits Cancer Growth Cancer Cell Volume 11, Issue 1, January 2007, Pages 37-51

Figure 1. A Reversible Metabolic-Electrical Remodeling in Cancer Contributes to Resistance to Apoptosis and Reveals Several Potential Therapeutic Targets

2 thoughts on “What’s your current science related desktop image?

  1. I have a photo of Saturn taken from behind it, that is to say, from the night side, with the sun poking out the lower limb. It illuminates the rings in a different way, and also shows a tenuous wispy ring way, way out from the planet. The best, though, is the little blue dot off to the right, just visible through the rings. That’s us.

    I know it’s not a peptide chain, or whatever, but it’s pretty cool.

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