What is the Google Health condition of deanimated, frozen people?

A burning question for real: What is (or how to set up) the Google Health status/condition of deanimated, frozen people, like Dr. Steven P. Rievman:

Rievman, 64, who co-founded the Cryonics Society of South Florida in the 1960s, now resides in a deep-freeze capsule at the Alcor Life Extension Foundation in Scottsdale, awaiting the day when medical science can ”re-animate” him and cure his ills: lupus and Type I diabetes, which afflicted him starting at age 17.

”Over a period of time we formed the society and established our own little clinic equipped to freeze a person,” in a Davie warehouse, Tupler said. “We bought a lot of equipment but we never used it. We didn’t have enough members and they were not dying fast enough.”

One thought on “What is the Google Health condition of deanimated, frozen people?

  1. I knew Dr. Rievman in the early 90’s.
    I saw him as a patient after the first time I met him he wanted to give me Xanas! Thank God I refused. I saw him a couple of times.
    Most of the time he told me about his sexual life with his wife. I thought he had curious behavior and habits. I didnt think he was “normal”. but then define the term?
    I thought he was a weirdo and that was in the early 90’s!!!!!!! I am sure he paid a lot of $$ to have his head frozen. I wonder how much he gave to charity??

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