Google Health Troubleshooting: User-entered sudden death

What is the status of death according to Google Health? Is it a condition? How many types of deaths there are according to GH? I found 2:

What is the status of dead people according to Google Health? Who decides?

May I kill myself on Google Health? Why not?

Is it reversible? Yes. Is is a problem now? No. If Google Health will be the number 1 online medical record system in the US, will death-in-its-current-form be a problem? Yes. /I see upcoming Wired blog posts with the title: Google Health Death Hacks/

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A bit of history: The official launch of Google Health, 19/05/08

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  1. what do you want from algorythms? They are no more effective than our laws!

  2. Google Health Troubleshooting: User-entered sudden death .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

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