How can Google Health help to homeless people?

Homeless people without proper medical insurance are the insignificant others for the health care system.

Wikipedia says but maybe it is obvious enough for everybody:

“Health care for the homeless is a major public health challenge.

Homeless people are more likely to suffer injuries and medical problems from their lifestyle on the street, which includes poor nutrition, substance abuse, exposure to the severe elements of weather, and a higher exposure to violence (robberies, beatings, and so on). Yet at the same time, they have little access to public medical services or clinics, in many cases because they lack health insurance.”

In the meantime & on the other side of life Google Health launched this week as the online personal health/medical information management system for people……with a web access, stable income, medical records, medical insurance and home.

At first sight Google Health does not seem to offer any solution for storing the health information of homeless people and thereby helping them somehow. But here there is this option:

So the idea is that social workers/caretakers are uploading and managing the Google Health profile of the homeless people they’re familiar with.

Even a blood type information could be crucial.

Do you have any more idea on how Google Health can be useful not just for people within but for people outside? Share it!

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  1. I am currently homelesss I was part of the Governers early release plan from jail.Not that I am not thankful for getting out early I am but with no home placement it makes it hard.I work for a temp service but that does not pay much,I just now lucked in to a job making 11.00 an hour.My probem is I am tired all the time no place to stay I get mad at practically nothing I know the streets can be rough but I should not feel like this I am not asking for a hand out I dont mind working I like to work just thought maybe someone could tell me why I feel so tired all the time?Thanyou Guy C Thornberry

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