SciBX trial edition for May 22, 2008

from my mailbox:

Science-Business eXchange aka SciBX is a new publication from the makers of Nature and BioCentury that aims to improve the translation of today’s science into tomorrow’s products for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease.

For your convenience, the table of contents includes:

COVER STORY – Vol 1, No 17
Getting nervous about IBD – Page 1
Common strategies for treating inflammatory bowel disease involve the use of small molecule immunosuppressives or antibodies that target proinflammatory cytokines. A paper published in The Journal of Clinical Investigation now suggests that drugs used to treat the depression that often accompanies gastrointestinal disorders can, by themselves, reduce bowel inflammation.

Courting melanocortin –
Page 5
A pair of genome-wide association studies makes the case that mutations near the melanocortin 4 receptor locus are linked to body weight and obesity among the overall population. The specific mutations hiding near this risk-associated locus still need to be uncovered.

Interferon’s HCV interference – Page 6
Researchers report in PNAS that activation of the endogenous interferon system prior to therapeutic intervention against chronic HCV could be responsible for the low success rates observed following standard treatment with PEGylated IFN- a and the antiviral ribavirin. The findings have both therapeutic and diagnostic implications.

So FAAH, so good, maybe – Page 8
UC Berkeley researchers have identified potent organophosphorus compounds that enhance cannabinoid receptor activity and could become a new class of pain therapy agents. Up for debate is which of the two enzymes targeted by the compounds is the better target, as well as the potential side effects of the compounds themselves.

This week in therapeutics –
Page 10
Using genetic markers to diagnose mental retardation; targeting a Trypanosoma brucei receptor to treat sleeping sickness; diagnosing cardiac arrhythmia; fighting cancer by cranking up Kank; and more…

This week in techniques – Page 14
Fluorescent affinity probes for investigating GABA receptor function in vivo; sensitive, MRI-based enzyme activity detection; optimized synthesis of bryostatin analogs; and more…

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