Life extension on the web: stagnation or decline?

When Google Trends went live one of my first search was for “life extension” and posted a little analysis about that. Here is a quick update with a serious question about the stagnating or declining popularity of ‘life extension’ searches. Explanations are needed. /I don’t know the exact search scale for the y axis/.

2 thoughts on “Life extension on the web: stagnation or decline?

  1. Hi, many keywords are showing a similar downward trend — look, for example, at ‘science’, ‘technology’, ‘books’, ‘terrorism’, ‘cars’ etc. ‘Google’ is going up, though 🙂

  2. Don’t forget each year more people are using Google search. A decline in the search term ranking could mean that the general population searches for “life extension” less often than early adopters do, even if over time both groups were searching for it more.

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