2K, the 2,000 Year Old Programmer & a bit of RFID

Meet 2K, the 2,000 Year Old Programmer from the Bronx and Auto-ID in The MarkMagic Chronicles.

“That’s the problem these days,” 2K says. “Nobody wants to do work hard. Everybody wants easy. In my days, we knew what heavy lifting was. I had to carry rocks to my cave in the office. We carried rocks to write on. We wrote our code with a hammer and a chisel. That’s not software kid. That’s hardware.”

Says Alex Woodie:

The series, which gains inspiration from Apple’s popular “Mac versus PC” series and the old “2,000 Year Old Man” skit by Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner, pits 2K as the force of legacy against Auto-ID’s power of moder. 2K, the highly endearing, yet vertically challenged funny-man, who may resemble some (as yet un-mummified) RPG or COBOL coders in your shop.

You can also get a quick intro to industrial RFID tagging/printing: