3rd SciFoo Camp, Googleplex, August 8-10, 2008!

The 3rd Science Foo Camp, organized by Nature, O’Reilly Media, and Google will be held on August 8-10 and hosted at the Googleplex in Mountain View, CA.

From the mail: “Now in its third year, Sci Foo is already achieving cult status among those with a passion for science and technology. The Economist said that it “capture[s] the essence of innovation”; in a photo essay for Edge, George Dyson wrote of the “the impossible choice” when deciding which sessions to attend; another attendee described it simply as “The best gathering ever. Period.”

Also check the strongly related BioBarCamp idea.

10 thoughts on “3rd SciFoo Camp, Googleplex, August 8-10, 2008!

  1. Attila,

    Thanks to your recommendation last year, this year I was also invited. Thanks! I just hope this means I will get in this time!

    Jim H

  2. Hi Attila — I’ve moved on from quantum computing, I now work fulltime on net-related stuff, including things like SciBarCamp. I’m not a biologist, but I hope some outsiders will be welcome at BioBarCamp!

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