Follow @biotecher, a solution to find all biotwitterers in 1 place!

Twitter effects blogging habits in many ways (see the term microblogging) and it is frequently the premier source of fresh web information. The number of biology and science related Twitter users are steadily growing, so today I created the @biotecher account in order to find every biotech, biology, medicine, bioinformatics related twitterers at one place and follow them. That is a guide for newly registered Twitterers who want to find their professional community on Twitter too.
How does it work: at this point, manually, everyone who follows @biotecher will be reciprocally followed by @biotecher and the account info will be shared in order to expand the biotwitter bubble.

Update: A person that uses Twitter is a Twitterer rather than a Twitter.

4 thoughts on “Follow @biotecher, a solution to find all biotwitterers in 1 place!

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  2. Oddly enough, I find that many members of my Twitter network prefer to be called “Twits” rather than “Twitterers”. I guess the whole shorter characters thing appeals to them. 🙂

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