Thesis live: 1.2 tissue/stem cell introduction scheme

In the live thesis building blogxperiment I edit (digest, compile, write, rewrite, delete) my ongoing doctoral thesis in blog posts and put the parts together on thesis live. The title: The physiologic role of stem cells in tissues with different regenerative potential.

When producing a text, a post my building strategy is not linear, but heavily non-linear (I wouldn’t say it’s circular): I’d like to jump to the part of the story where there is something instantly to write/edit; be it the beginning, middle or end. In case of scientific articles frequently the first part to be build are figures/methods, which forms the bulk, the middle of the story after introduction, before discussion.

1.2. Tissues, organs with different turnover and regenerative potential

In order to discuss the different adult tissues in a unified manner, from a systemic point of view, I use the following tissue/stem cell introduction scheme where data are available: development of particular tissue, number of cell types, bioenergetics (high/intermediate/low energy demand), turnover (high/intermediate/low), regenerative potential (high/intermediate/low), resident stem cells, niche, markers, cell sources from other tissues that can contribute to the particular tissue during normal turnover or chronic/acute injury.