4 thoughts on “New WordPress Dashboard design – do you like it?

  1. I run exclusively Firefox, and we were having some problems over the weekend, which I suppose was a part of the “transition” phase.

    This morning, there is a whole new look vs. what I saw yesterday! I like the way the new Dashboard is configured, and it seems to load quickly in spite of the added functionality.

    I just now figured out, though, how to get back to the Dashbord if you migrate away to comments, widgets etc., which was my primary dis-like with the new configuration. Also, my wife was frustrated all weekend because the ability to form links in Firefox wasn’t installed (apparently, just a blank dialog box opened), but could do it in HTML (which she doesn’t like because all the code is confusing) or if you opened in IE.

    So I was not very happy on Friday afternoon, when I first noticed the changes, but now I really like it.

  2. I’ve been using it in beta for some time now, and I think it’s nice. I miss having the wordpress news on the dashboard, but I do think it’s more functional. I’m using the non-hosted version, fwiw.

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