36 Life extension idea killers: mental practice for the pros!

Today’s meditation is for serious healthy life extension supporters to consider the following 36 – general and sometimes corporate – idea killers concerning our little project:

1. We tried that already
2. We’ve never done anything like that before.
3. Has anyone ever done anything like that before?
4. That never works
5. You’re fired
6. We will actively work against you
7. Laughter
8. Not in our budget
9. Not an interesting problem
10. We don’t have time/We’ll never find the time to do it. (I specially liked this one.)
11. Execs will never go for it
12. Out of scope/Not in our business
13. But its the law
14. Too blue sky / Holy grail
15. Wont make enough $$
16. That isn’t what people want

17. It doesn’t grab me.
18. It sounds too simple.
19. It sounds too complicated.
20. Sounds crazy to me!
21. That’s not consistent with the way we do things here.
22. How in the world did you come up with that?!
23. Let’s be realistic…
24. Come on…get serious.
25. Great idea-but not for us.
26. People will say we’re silly.
27. People will say we’re reckless.
28. What will people say?
29. Do you really think that would work?
30. I don’t know…
31. Why bother?
32. That’s a new one to me.
32. That’s very interesting, but…
33. That’s fantastic, but…
34. Yes, but…
35. Who’s going to do it?
36. Silence/No response at all