Mitowheel now helps you design PCR primers for mitochondrial DNA!

mitowheelallelebarsGábor Zsurka, scientist and developer made another upgrade on our favorite human mitochondrial DNA visualization tool, MitoWheel: this time allele frequencies at polymorphic positions are included in the sequence bar in the form of a gray bar above or below a nucleotide representing the number of individuals carrying the SNP.

This is really cool as it is a definite step to turn MitoWheel into a tinkering, engineering, mtDNA hacking tool besides its core science mission:

“This can help you to design reliable PCR primers for the human mitochondrial genome. After all, you don’t want your primer’s 3′-end sitting right on a very frequent polymorphism (risking that under certain conditions you will not be able to amplify a PCR fragment from a subset of individuals).” Source: MitoWheel Blog.