Warming up to write my thesis on the blog

Not much happened since my announcement on Editing my doctoral thesis on stem cells in a blog: Why not?. I went to the U.S. first and started doing research instead of finishing my PhD education. But now I am back in this “getting a PhD” business as in January I passed the prerequisite comprehensive stem cell and mitochondrial biology exam with a plus.

In order to officially defend my doctoral thesis in Hungary I have to accomplish a “home defense” back in my Budapest lab first and this occasion is lightly scheduled for late May or early June, which means I need to produce a “working code” of the thesis within 6 weeks or something like that. I am not sure whether I can finish it as I am experimentally overwhelmed a bit and believe me, it is really hard to just sit in the lab in front of the screen and “edit” a text and not doing any 3D activity with my cells, samples and tubes.

The first step of the warming up is to finish the revision of my first author paper which is a non-transparent issue from a blogging point of view.

Readers can follow the live thesis building blogxperiment in one bundle.

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