Life extension people are happy: keep living, please!

I found this picture of Aubrey de Grey with his book Ending Aging on his head at the BIL conference in Quinn Norton‘s Flickr Stream. Quinn Norton is a bodyhacker technophiliac journalist photographer. Robust, healthy lifespan extension can easily be interpreted as an extreme body-, life- and biohack so no wonder that more and more geeks are turning their attention to this little, unsolved hack. Maybe with time they will learn not just how to write the names properly but how to set up a private lab and isolate DNA and stem cells, at home. (blogging pictures = not enough time to write posts)


6 thoughts on “Life extension people are happy: keep living, please!

  1. Hey!

    Although a long-term antiaging practitioner ( that is, I do everything possible to preserve a youthful appearance 😉 ), I am kind of a newbie in matters of Pimm and am currently yen-ning for a basic tutorial, because I think it is a logical continuation of antiaging, perhaps even the ultimate pursuit.

    I know there must be stuff all over the site, but I am kind of ADD-ing on this Monday off and was wondering if you could point the way to some intro material.

    Thanks so much. 🙂


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