Biotech firm funded by Life Extension Foundation to push regmed therapies

Press release:

“We at Life Extension Foundation are pleased to help finance BioTime‘s entry into the field of regenerative medicine. We believe that one of the most important applications of embryonic stem cell technology is the slowing and reversing of aging and age-related disease. BioTime has, in Dr. Michael West, a leader in stem cell technology, and we are enthusiastic in our support of his new efforts to create new tools that may speed the development of life-saving therapies for an aging population” – said Saul Kent, Director of The Life Extension Foundation.

The reason behind called old Michael West (indicated by the text too), CEO of BioTime (and many other biotech companies before, like Advanced Cell Technology or Geron) and long-time life extension dreamer (he is definitely not alone). I am curious what he can achieve here and now.

One thought on “Biotech firm funded by Life Extension Foundation to push regmed therapies

  1. Looks like they’re paying the bills using standard organ preservation solutions for hypothermic perfusion. That’s a “me-too” approach, as there are quite a few people already playing that game, like LifeBlood [] amonst others.

    He certainly seems to be able to draw the attention of investors, but curious what will be come of it myself.

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