Understanding Aging Conference in L.A.: de Grey, Conboy, Wagers and many others…

UABBA conference, 2008

Looks like the scientist coalition behind healthy life extension is widening. In line with that the question Why was life extension ruled out of the 14 Grand Engineering Challenges? is fading away.

Here is an Aubrey de Grey message from my mailbox:

All details, including forms for abstract submission and
online registration, are at the conference website:


The preliminary program already has over two dozen confirmed
speakers, all of them world leaders in their field. As for previous
conferences I have [co-]organised, the emphasis of this meeting is on
“applied biogerontology” — the design and implementation of
biomedical interventions that may, jointly, constitute a
comprehensive panel of rejuvenation therapies, sufficient to restore
middle-aged or older laboratory animals (and, in due course, humans)
to a youthful degree of physiological robustness. The list of
scientific sessions and confirmed speakers is as follows:

DNA damage, telomeres, cancer
Adam Arkin, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Jan Vijg, Buck
Institute for Age Research; Jerry Shay, U. Texas Southwestern;
Claudia Gravekamp, Pacific Medical Center Research Institute; Zheng
Cui, Wake Forest University School of Medicine; Rita Effros, UCLA

The cell niche
Irina Conboy, U. California Berkeley; Judith Campisi, Lawrence
Berkeley National Laboratory and Buck Institute; Leanne Jones, Salk
Institute; Ken Muneoka, Tulane University; Kevin Healy, Stanford

Accumulation of damaged molecules
Bruce Rittmann, Arizona State University; Ana Maria Cuervo, Albert
Einstein University; Marisol Corral-Debrinski, Universite Pierre et
Marie Curie; Richard Hanson, Case Western Reserve University

Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
Shoukhrat Mitalipov, Oregon National Primate Research Center; Stephen
Badylak, McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine; Amy Wagers,
Joslin Diabetes Center; David Schaffer, U. California Berkeley; Tony
De Tomaso, Stanford University School of Medicine

In addition there will be short talks selected from submitted
abstracts, as well as poster sessions each evening.

Furthermore, registration for the conference includes preferential
admission to the free public preconference “Aging: the disease, the
cure, the implications” which will be held in the 1800-seater Royce
Hall, UCLA, on the evening of Friday June 27th, and to the dinner and
reception following. This preconference will put the postponement of
aging more firmly on the political and social map than ever before.
It will consist of presentations by at least six illustrious
speakers, including:

William Haseltine, Haseltine Global Health, founder of Human Genome
Bruce Ames, Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute, National
Medal of Science awardee
Michael West, Biotime Inc., founder of Geron and Advanced Cell
Daniel Perry, Director of the Alliance for Aging Research
Gregory Stock, UCLA Program on Medicine, technology and Society and
Signum Biosciences

3 thoughts on “Understanding Aging Conference in L.A.: de Grey, Conboy, Wagers and many others…

  1. Ken Muneoka, Tulane University

    This guy taught the developmental biology course I took in my first or second year. He’s a nice guy and a thorough scientist. His stuff has to do with the formation of the limb bud in vertebrates, although I bet he was picked here for his work on salamander limb regeneration.

  2. Yeah, I noticed the Tulane affiliation too. There are speakers (Cui, Corral-Debrinski) here who had been there at the SENS3 conference last year in Cambridge but also a lot of new names, I guess. With Wagers and Conboy as co-organizers, the stem cell – regmed section is really mainstream. There is a slight West Coast bias, but that seems natural as the event takes place in L.A.

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