Screenshot of the day: Proteomics apologizes to PubMed’s readership.


Last time I said: Although the paper was retracted from the online version of Proteomics, you can still make historical screenshots on the PubMed version.

Now the chance is over. But what is really funny: finally, PubMed ‘Related Links’ algorithm gives us the proper context of the Warda-Han-Mighty paper, just take a look at the first 2 related articles on the right:

Ferenczi and Winnicott: searching for a “missing link” (of the soul). Am J Psychoanal. 2007 Sep;67(3):221-34.

A Thomistic understanding of human death. Bioethics.2005 Feb;19(1):29-48.

I would have never thought that PubMed could be a source of such fun.

4 thoughts on “Screenshot of the day: Proteomics apologizes to PubMed’s readership.

  1. The missing link revealed! Can it be only chance that many psychoanalytical have a basis in Freud’s Oedipus complex? I will now change the focus of my research to prove conclusively that this is due to the influence of the mitochondrial DNA running amuck and seizing control of the “soul”.

    Perhaps psychological/pychiatric disorders are somehow linked mechanistically to some kind of CNS-mitochondrial specific DNA anomaly? Are there significant differences with mitoDNA in the CNS and elsewhere in terms of regulation or expression?

    The missing link, indeed…

  2. BTW, I was attempting to explain that the Oedipus complex is somehow linked with maternal inheritance of the mitochondrial DNA. I guess I forgot to read my post before hitting the Submit button.

    Strong Saturday AM coffee: acetylcholine receptors set to stun…

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