Healthy life extension is not 1 out of the 14 Grand Engineering Challenges…

…that can be realistically met, most of them early in this century according to the Committee on Grand Challenges for Engineering with members such as Larry Page, Dean Kamen, Craig Venter, Robert Langer and …lifestyle life extensionist, nanovisionary Ray Kurzweil. There is a challenge though called Engineer better medicines and the essay behind looks as if it had been hacked together by Kurzweil and Venter themselves during a sunny Californian Soy Beer Baby Boomer Beach Party. It is about personalized medicine in large and the only hint – I was able to find – to a recent discipline named regenerative medicine is:

In a new field called “synthetic biology,” novel biomaterials are being engineered to replace or aid in the repair of damaged body tissues. Some are scaffolds that contain biological signals that attract stem cells and guide their growth into specific tissue types. Mastery of synthetic tissue engineering could make it possible to regenerate tissues and organs.

Also check challenges like Advance health informatics, Reverse-engineer the brain and Engineer the tools of scientific discovery
Link: And the 14 Grand Engineering Challenges of the 21st Century Are…

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3 thoughts on “Healthy life extension is not 1 out of the 14 Grand Engineering Challenges…

  1. I have a feeling all the TED guys got together over golf and beer in Monterrey and put together some of that:). Come to think of it, I am surprised Life Extension didn’t make it, given the people involved.

  2. My explanation so far is that the guys (Venter, Kurzweil, Langer…) were not serious about this project at all. Do you think that such a lack of LE out this very official, very governmental schedule can have negative consequences in terms of budget, press, push? Anyhow, I am disappointed about this.

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