Warda speaks: “We say the truth, I not burrow any sentences from others.”

The Warda-Han-Proteomics saga continues and finds its way to the show/entertainment business. We’ve already listened to Han, now it’s time for Warda to speak, which he did in an email to James Randerson over at the Guardian Science blog, which makes think (indeed ‘rethink’ as W suggests) that the Warda-Han pair is probably the Laurel and Hardy of the science showbiz.


So we have a “why”, but still not a “how” answer. The “how could all this happened” question should be addressed to Michael Dunn editor-in-chief and the editors at Proteomics as it seems that they have the bigger responsibility and explanatory power here.

One thought on “Warda speaks: “We say the truth, I not burrow any sentences from others.”

  1. Here is the press release from Wiley, nothing new under the sun:
    Proteomics Editor and Publisher Retract Journal Article

    Weinheim, Germany, February 13, 2008– “The following article from the journal PROTEOMICS “Mitochondria, the missing link between body and soul: Proteomic perspective evidence” by Mohamad Warda and Jin Han , published online on January 23, 2008 in Wiley InterScience (www.interscience.wiley.com), has been retracted as a result of an agreement by the authors, Proteomics Editor-in-Chief, Michael J. Dunn, and publisher Wiley-VCH.

    The article has been retracted due to some overlap of passages with several previously published articles. The article will be withdrawn shortly from Wiley InterScience EarlyView; it will not appear in print.

    “We are fully aware of the considerable interest that the article by Warda and Han has engendered, as well as the controversial viewpoints expressed by the authors,” said Editor-in-Chief, Michael Dunn. “Clearly human error has caused a misstep in the normally rigorous peer review process that is standard practice for Proteomics and should prevent such issues arising.”

    As soon as the problems with the article were brought to their attention, the Editor-in-Chief, Michael J. Dunn, and the publisher, Wiley-VCH, immediately instituted the appropriate procedures to rectify the situation.”

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