Pelletology: the essence of ultracentrifugation in 14 slides

pelletologyHave you ever wanted to isolate subcellular components from molecules to organelles withapplicationsofultracentifugation the old but ever improving ultracentrifuge method but were unable to figure out a correct protocol as the basics were not that clear?

To get an optimal protocol you have to take account the biological entity and pellet you want, the maximum volume input you need, the rotor and pathlength available in the lab and the time you have for all this.

Lately I’ve learnt the basics of ultracentrifugation from Richard Sicard (Thermo Scientific) who was nice enough to send me an excellent educational material called Ultracentrifugation: Basic Training from Thermo Fisher Scientific also giving me the permission to share it. I’ve chosen 14 slides. If you need a bigger resolution (especially on slide 2, 4), go to the Slideshare version and click full.

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