Aubrey de Grey on Colbert Report (video) and the housing market in heaven

Thanks to Kevin, you can now watch the video too:

Colbert: “But if people lived to be a 1000 years old won’t that kill any ability for humans to take risks cause if I’ve known I lived to be a 1000 I am not going to cross the street because you can’t cure being hit by a bus.”

Aubrey: “Well, you’ll be able to get your grandmother to help you to cross the street.”

That is a witty (and the same time, deep) answer indeed: People usually help their grandmother to cross the street but in a many generational “rejuvenated” world people will be able to take care of their descendants to the same extent as they are able to take care of their ascendants today. Moreover, it has something to do with the philosophical question of intergenerational justice: life extension supporters can argue that in a sufficiently many generational life extended society (if you are part of the n-th “rejuvenated” generation, so are the n-1 – parents – and n+1 – children – generations) intergenerational justice has been taken care of better than today as the difference between past (ascendants) and future (descendants) generations from the point of view of the n-th present generation will be seriously diluted and diminished and the whole problem of intergenerational justice is coming from the asymmetry in the relations of past and future generations.

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