The MitoWheel blog keeps you updated!

MitoWheel is a cool graphical interface of the circular human mitochondrial genome, which helps the user to get familiar with the mito DNA by searching, clicking and tailoring it. I introduced you MitoWheel a week or so ago, but now you can follow the updates on the MitoWheel Blog.


On the blog you get first-hand information as the posts are written by Gábor Zsurka, main developer himself and occasionally, by me. In his post Cut and Paste the Human Mitochondrial DNA Gábor introduces 2 essential techniques you can easily accomplish with MW:

a., how to search for different mutations and find their functional results on a pop-up window


b., and my personal favorite (complemented with the magical reverse command): the clipboard trick, by which you can generate and copy any mitochondrial sequence.