My iPhone 2.0 wish list: from the RFID reader/writer to the solar panel!

iPhoneGoogleMapsAccording to the Wikipedia approved rumor by the AT&T boss: “A new version of Apple’s iPhone will be introduced in 2008 that is capable of operating on faster 3G cellular networks.” Besides the 3G support I have some other expectations (at least 6 should be satisfied) too in order to become a next generation iPhone upgrader:


built in RFID reader/writer: because I’d like to buy and order without standing in line. Also a bit experimental RFID hacking with things around me, like opening the hotel room with a cream cheese box must be fun. (I would wire the RFID modul in the place of the Bluetooth modul on the motherboard) see: Will the Apple iPhone be RFID powered?

video out to use the iPhone with projectors: giving presentations on science conferences and seminars with my SciPhone and watching movies back at home with my wife.

GPS (although I am quite satisfied with the Google Maps Mobile): in the car and on the bike.

video recorder: basics

video telephone: just for fun

longer battery life: a must

solar panel: for climate change


Skype enabled: do I need to explain it why?

flash support: elementary

copy/paste capability: c’mon!

file management system: it is a scandal, that there is nothing like that.

terminal: finally to introduce myself to the UNIX command line of OS X.

email search within the Gmail client: 3 Google Alerts, 1 human, 3 Google Alerts, 1 human

And a better iSight into my MacBook to make normal picture on the iPhone.

One thought on “My iPhone 2.0 wish list: from the RFID reader/writer to the solar panel!

  1. 3G support alone would be reason enough for me to update. I’d really like GPS and video out, too, and copy&paste, of course. And a better camera. Here in the Netherlands other cell phones in the iPhone’s price range almost all have a camera with at least 5 MP resolution.

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