We have only winners at the Laboratory Website Awards!

LabSiteWinnersI hope that scientists and IT and financial managers of scientists worldwide will be able to utilize the collective lab website culture and wisdom accumulated by the first ever Laboratory Web Site Awards by The Scientist!

And I personally would like to say thank you for the following editors of The Scientist (The Scientists) for so quickly and professionally getting this thing done: Ivan Oransky, Richard Gallagher, Andrea Gawrylewski and last, but not least Simon Frantz, who is now at the Nobel Foundation.

We have now the winners announced, but practically all the 60 nominated labs are winners and all those labs who can follow their way.

We know from Larry Page, (ex Stanford grad student) that “Science has a really serious marketing problem and nobody pays attention to that since none of the marketers work for science”.

The Lab Site Awards was a good science marketing opportunity for the labs involved and here are the announced winners, congratulations:

Reader’s Choice: Nyborg Lab

Editor’s Choice: Purves Lab

Judges’ Choices: Tagging of Pacific Predators (Elizabeth Kerr, Todd Miller, Steve Jackson), Leander Lab (Jean-Claude Bradley), Lamond Lab (Steven Wiley), Purves Lab (Matthew LaPointe), Redfield Lab (Attila Csordas)

Here is what I wrote on the Redfield Lab as a judge: “Researchers have blogs on the day-to-day experiments. Funds, grants are public and listed. The Redfield lab is the most web friendly and gives us clues on how the lab sites of the future should look like.” The confirmation of this opinion comes from BoingBoing itself (it is not a frequent event when one of the oldest and biggest blog posts on lab websites): Lab requires EVERYONE to keep a science blog

Redfield Lab

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