10 themes of a stem cell biology comprehensive exam

Stem cell biology – regenerative medicine

1. basic concepts: stem cell, kinds of stem cells (embryonic, placental, adult), uni-, multi-, pluripotency, stem cell markers, niche, regeneration, tissue engineering

2. embryonic derived stem cells

3. stem cells in between: placental derived stem cells

4. adult somatic stem cells

5. components of the stem cell niche

6. proposed regenerative mechanisms of stem cells: differentiation, fusion, the role of paracrine factors, immunomodulatory effects, anti-inflammatory effects…

7. stem cells of the skeletal muscle

8. stem cell therapies in muscle: heart, skeletal muscle

9. cancer stem cells

10. tissue engineering

6 thoughts on “10 themes of a stem cell biology comprehensive exam

  1. Hi Attila,

    Thanks for the post the other day.

    This looks like a pretty thorough top ten. Due to my strong bias, I would put more emphasis on the various Bone Marrow-derived cells, as well as adipose tissue (over skeletal muscle, at least for now). Under mechanism of action, I strongly believe (another bias) that general tissue repair is a fundamental action (breaking down scar, secretion of ECM/other components required to ‘build’ new tissue). Just a bias – that’s what blogs are for 🙂

    Great list,


  2. Hey Attila, I just got my grade back from my Stem Cells class and it was pretty good. I loved the class but seem to have still SO much to learn.

    What does number 5 represent. That is, is the niche considered the locations where such cells can be harvested?

    I’d search for it, but I prefer to learn from the gurus 😉

  3. what could be so ethically wrong with using the umbilical cord…or a womans’ ovary…ee’gads’ isn’t that for her to decide?…same old thing…

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