Spit a big in a tube, search with Genome Explorer: the 23andMe way

genome explorer by 23andMeDetailed article in the New York Times on the early experience of decoding the genetic code and interpreting the customers’ DNA via the service of 23andMe. The buzz name of the project: personalized genetics/genomics. Although other companies are mentioned briefly, the focus is clearly on 23andMe. The basics: get rid of a thousand bucks (sorry, just $999 per person) by build your order online, spit a big (2.5 mls) in a plastic tube in the postal delivered Saliva Kit, FedEx your saliva back to Mountain View (plus shipping and handling cost), wait a couple of weeks for an email and then use the company’s in-built Genome Explorer to find out the surprising details of your genetic makeup online.

From the NYT article: I soon found that I might well be sight impaired during those extra years. According to the five SNPs for macular degeneration I fed into the “Genome Explorer,” I was nearly 100 times more likely to develop the disease than someone with the most favorable A-C-G-T combination.


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