It’s now judging time at The Laboratory Website Awards…

LaWVas logoand I really like it. The nominations for the best laboratory websites are now closed at the Laboratory Website and Video Awards hosted by The Scientist. Now it’s the job of the judging panel (and I am one of them) to make our scores and review the nominees and then turn the voting back to you. The winning sites as selected by the editorial team, judging panel and the readers will be announced in this December.

Why do I like it? Well, I learn many new things by scanning through the sites, exploring second order links, realizing new ways the same thing (intorducing lab members, research topics, cooperations…) can be done and I am more and more convinced that this Awards is about to delineate the proper, uptodate frames of the lab site culture and accumulate a lot of new clues on how to make cool and useful future laboratory web stations.

On the other hand I ran into out of time features. For instance, remember that in the 90s, early 2000s, lab sites included links (not in-built customized search boxes) on the so called web search engines for the readers, if for some reason they are not familiar with how to search on the Internet? Believe or not, that are still laboratory websites with a separate category for search engines and links to Google, Yahoo, AltaVista or whatever.

2 thoughts on “It’s now judging time at The Laboratory Website Awards…

  1. how many university websites *don’t* have stupid web search engines on their sites!? They’re still everywhere! I don’t know how many times i’ve done a search on a university site looking for an intranet search only to be returned web search results!

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