Watch science videos on the iPhone with vTap beyond YouTube!

So far science videos on the iPhone were restricted to YouTube and subscribed, previously downloaded science-related vlogs on iTunes due to the lack of Flash, Windows Media Player, etc. support. But now with a new web app called vTap a bigger range of (science) videos are available and can now be played in the iPhone’s native QuickTime player in a good quality (screenshots made on a MacBook, the iPhone view is different.) I wonder when can we watch say JoVE or SciVee videos on the iPhone…


From the iPhone Atlas: Dubbed “vtap,” the service lets you search for videos from around the Internet, then — get this — encodes them on the fly and puts them in a format that can be played on the iPhone (H.264). vtap searches YouTube, MySpace, Dailymotion, news sites like the Associated Press and Reuters, even ESPN.

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  1. For that the iPhone has to support flash, which unfortunately it doesn’t … yet. If I recall, all the YouTube stuff was converted to h.264

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