Blogrunner Science vs. Scienceblogs vs. Postgenomic?

blogrunner scienceAlien vs. Predator like stupid question for the weekend: Which do you think is the best source when it is about interesting and quality science content: the Techmeme clone Blogrunner (here it’s the science channel of Blogrunner), that is the newly launched automated online news service and blogs aggregator by the New York Times or Scienceblogs or Postgenomic? Which model is the best?

And what do you think about the tons of Eurekalert Press Releases on Blogrunner? Do you like to read press releases?

7 thoughts on “Blogrunner Science vs. Scienceblogs vs. Postgenomic?

  1. Great question. In general, I find press releases annoying (Gen Eng News is all press releases), but sometimes they can be useful. I am still looking for a personalized solution where I can aggregate everything. I actually liked Blogrunner at first glance, although the sources they use need to increase. I suppose for now, it is still a mix of sources. The problem is that the sources keep increasing instead of getting consolidated.

    Personally, strictly sticking to science, I like Scintilla best, but I do like the more general nature of Blogrunner. Techmeme is great, but in a much more narrow sense

  2. Scintilla or Postgenomic is another silly question. My personalized solution is called Google Reader, more and more. At Blogrunner, the sources are selected by the editors and I think this won’t be the best visibility choice for network independent science blogs. Although I saw FigthAging! in the system. Sb is already included in Blogrunner.

  3. I use Netvibes to create my own aggregator–that way I have choice over what to read. (and it’s a fairly eclecic mix, of course.)

    I like it better than google’s reader, since I can do a little more artful arranging.

    Eurekalert is useful for summaries of new literature that’s subscription only, if I want to write about it on my blog.

  4. Disclaimer: I am an editor at Nature.

    Doesn’t the Scienceblogs URL you give track only blogs on the Seed platform? I think a prerequisite is that the site has to track all science blogs. In effect you can use one of these platforms as an rss reader/search combination, by limiting your search in the Scintilla/Postgenomic site to the topics you are interested in. I like Google Reader too but it only tracks what I put into it. With Scintilla, it does a much broader range and the user can narrow the search term, so you’d find things you wouldn’t find just by using your own rss reader. Well, I am not as technologically literate as some people, so maybe what I have written is not correct, but so far as I know, it is.

  5. Maxine, you are right Sb is a closed system, while the other 2 are not, that’s why I called it a stupid question. What I intended to emphasize is valid nevertheless: on which site can science bloggers or blog readers find enough information in a quality way to satisfy their information demands? There are 2 opposite aims here: to find targeted information ASAP (search) or to be comprehensive and not filtering out valuable infos (browse). Now which site is the better on both scale?

  6. This is a great question, because I think anything that stimulates discussion on how to find scientific information is good.

    I know that Alf(one of the guys behind scintilla) is a smart guy who is fairly forward thinking, so I have a lot of confidence in that application, but it’s hard because blogs are mostly unstructured information, and blog posts talking about literature need to have certain distinct components that are labeled in a standard, recognizable way, and there’s no consensus on how to do that just yet.

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