Last minute, low budget Halloween costume: Mr. Evil Google

Mr. Evil GoogleComponents from top to bottom:

Insulated Test/Jumper Leads


blue ethernet cable

original Google T-shirt (I got mine at the Euro Maker Faire)

badge (actually I used my SciFoo badge just inside out, there was a modified Google Search Box on the other side with an “I am feeling Evil” button)

components desperately needed, but I haven’t had the time to make them: horns and Google spiders for crawling (the arachnid-centric names for the Web are ideal for Halloween reasons)

assumed background knowledge to recognize Mr. Evil Google: Google’s corporate motto

Problem: For a Halloween costume to be cool it should be targeted for the local Halloween audience and New Orleans is not the geek but the freak capital of the world, so almost nobody recognized me. 😦

P.S. Actually I wanted a dead Google employee costume, but then Grady came out with the idea of Mr. Evil Google

Disclaimer: I am not a Google employee yet.

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