What is your (science) blogging writing style?

jokerkillingjokeYesterday I’ve sent the following (slightly edited) email to a bunch of science bloggers I know and respect for very different reasons. I plan to blog the answers (if they come) one by one:

Dear Fellow Science Blogger,

Every blogger has his/her blogging writing style and in many cases we do know the components our style is made of and recognize the different sources we use and mimic. Would you be kind enough to answer this question shortly in your style for me in order to show the variety of the genre called ‘science blogging‘?

Thanks in advance,

Attila Csordas

P.S. For instance I am fully aware that my style is made out of the following components amongst others: spontaneity (to the extreme of originality sometimes), experimentalism, idiosyncratic non-native speaker errors, lack of time, partial attention, insider science heavy lingo that is “terminological arias” (by default), (brackets), question and exclamation marks, science essay writing style educated on British and American analytic philosophers, movie, literature and comics experiences, Wired type tech hype journalism and first of all…enthusiasm about science and technology.

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