Science’s Netwatch: Aging blog in focus

Here is another sign that the editors at Science Magazine are taking more and more attention to the web and the scientific blogosphere: Ouroboros (that is: Chris, Okie and Lev) was picked up in the Random Samples column of the current Science issue: “But research on aging is booming, and the field’s good health is on display at the blog Ouroboros, which is named for a symbol of endlessness. Three postdocs from leading aging research labs offer their takes on the latest results from conferences and the literature. The site is aimed at researchers, but it can also help beginners get up to speed.”
It seems that the editors are sharing my opinion that Ouroboros is one of the best science blogs out here and it is also worth mentioning that Chris Patil’s incentive of Ouroboros was Science Magazine’s SAGE KE.
Another remarkable thing is Chris’s approach of developing a group blog instead of building an individual brand and focusing exclusively on biogerontological peer review literature and conferences.

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