Arduino Diecimila: my first microcontroller ever


The biggest impact of the Austin Maker Faire on me was that yesterday I bought an open source, CC licensed Arduino microcontroller and a breadboard for building prototype electronic circuits. I am a total rookie in home electronics but I thought it’s never too late to learn completely new things with the help of our extended memory, the web.

In the long run I’d like to utilize my microcontroller (or the acquired knowledge) for biological purposes in the lab and not just blinking LEDs.

Have you heard of any quality biotech-biology based community (blog, forum, network) specialized in electronics or coding for researchers, online?

Links: How to buy

Arduino Guide

MAKE Arduino Archives

5 thoughts on “Arduino Diecimila: my first microcontroller ever

  1. I use a Diecimila under linux via shell scripts I have developed.
    Please see my website and download and untar the
    package. Requires Simple Message System firmware, available from
    the archives at My website is not 24/7, only works when
    my PC is booted.

    These scripts give full IO and PWM control, and read AD data and
    scale it to mV, and format it for import to most spreadsheets.
    Modular/Expandable. Please give it a try.

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